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N. Haʻalilio Solomon and Dannii Yarbrough

Place-based pedagogy is an approach to creating curriculum that challenges current theories and practices that are often hegemonic and colonial. For Hawaiians, storytelling is the primary means of transmitting knowledge, and place-based pedagogy embraces this tradition. We are creating a series of short animated films that retell moʻolelo ʻōiwi (traditional folk stories) that are place-based teaching materials for Hawaiian language reclamation. The short films include aspects of the local geography, material culture, value systems, alternative literacies, and worldview inherent in the original mo‘olelo. We will outline our creation process, our plan to share them in schools, and in the community.

November 2018

Eleanor Kleiber, Andrea L Berez-Kroeker, Michael Chopey, Danielle Yarbrough, Ryan Shelby

In this essay, we describe our recent three-year project to increase the discoverability and accessibility of the Pacific-language materials in the Pacific Collection at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Hamilton Library by improving and making consistent the descriptive metadata in the catalog, using standards accepted by both library science and linguistic science.

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